2020 Зимата Е Нов Корейски Стил Naka Стеганая Яке Жена На Средна Дължина Удебеляването На Есенна Мода Ежедневни Однотонная

83.55лв. 170.50лв.

  • Затворен: No
  • Сезон: Зима
  • Дължината На Дрехата: дълъг
  • Номер На Модела: 6Q2020C008
  • Материал: Polyester
  • Тип Тъкани: Сукно
  • Украса: Пера
  • Възраст: Възраст 16-28 Години
  • Тегло: 1.2
  • Тип На Затваряне: Однобортный
  • Попълване на: Перо
  • Стил: Ежедневни обувки
  • Тип: Редовен
  • Произход: CN(произход)
  • Дължина ръкав(см): Пълен
  • Вид На Модела: Твърд
  • Определяне Съдържанието На: 90%
  • Пол: ЖЕНИ

Етикети: Мики hoody жена, hoody жена, Лазер с мощност 100 Mw, задыхающаяся жена, 108 инча, Модни Hoody, картона жена, Процесор 1151, 100 неща, 1090 Mhz.

Aleksey Batanov
The sleeve is shorter than in the photo. And the rest is fine! Warm, beautiful.
At first I did not like it very much. The seams are assembled, it can be seen that a cheap thing. Most importantly, the very narrow strip of facial tissue on the sleeves (sheet set), that is, turning the sleeves will not work-there are no lapels. Also the smell is minimal, the buttons are very close to the edge. The fabric is thick, durable, matte, has a cotton look. I wear 34-36 Euro., the seller immediately advised to buy L, indeed, the size is just right. Another collar stand is also a minimum circumference, even on a thin neck tight. In general, savings on everything, for tight girls will not go, I think. The seller is sociable, I even agreed to make a refund, without problems. But then I changed my mind, the jacket came up to my mother, and decided to leave. It turned out to be very warm, although I do not know exactly what is inside. Looks bulky. We wear alternately)). At the cottage, with a dog, in the store and TP-normal.

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